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Serving the San Fernando Valley & Santa Clarita Valley

Life is busy and we all have that never ending mental to-do list. They usually include learning languages, improving the house, learning to cook more (and better) meals, reconnecting with friends or relatives, and IMPROVING FITNESS ROUTINES. There is never enough time for all of it.

That’s why NickSport Fitness brings the gym to you. ACSM Certified Personal Trainer Nick Prange comes to you with all the weights and equipment you need to have an intense workout in your yard or house. The goal is to make a lifestyle change, with nutrition counseling and increased physical activity, without consuming your whole day or week.

What is the FAT BURNING ZONE and do I want to be in it?
"The fat burning zone…" Sounds like a place you want to be, right? But you've done it at the gym. It doesn't feel like you're doing hardly anything. Let's look at some of the principles involved in the original lie and why you don't ever want to be in their "fat burning zone." Read More...
What is the best way to lose weight (more like the best way to lose fat)?
Is it the really slow pace of the "fat-burning zone" on the treadmill?
Is it the joint-jarring pastime of jogging?
Is it the summertime favorite of swimming?
Should I be spending an hour a day on the elliptical? Read More...
Nick Prange Personal Health & Fitness Coach
B.S. Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer